Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Which Type of Content Drives SEO

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Content is what drives all SEO and online marketing efforts. Without content, the internet wouldn’t exist as we know it. Consumers will log into the internet to get content which will help them make specific decisions. Online businesses with the best content always win as far as ranking and gaining a loyal following of customers goes. As such, the phrase “content is king” is by every bit true when it comes to the online world. But, what kind of content drives an online business’ SEO. Here are some of the common features.

Keyword optimized


Keywords form the foundation of every online marketing campaign. Content that drives your business’ SEO campaign should be keyword optimized if it’s to rank high in serps and, attract your targeted audience.

This however doesn’t mean that each piece of content must include each and every keyword your target audience uses. Some of the key considerations to make as far as optimizing content for specific keywords include the following:
  • Focus on one to three main keywords for your content. This allows you to provide more comprehensive content regarding the topic.
  • Incorporate keywords naturally within the content. If a keyword doesn’t make sense when used within content, its best to avoid using it.
  • Use keywords in strategic points such as headings, meta description and anchor text.

Provides as much information as is necessary  


How long should website copy be? This is a question many online marketers ask. There are proponents for both long copy and short copy. How long your content should be really depends on how much information there is to provide about your particular topic. There’s no point trying to add unnecessary words to your copy just to make it longer. However, if you can manage to create long copy, it’s advisable to do so.

Evergreen content


News items can provide a periodic SEO boost for an online business. However, if you want sustainable SEO results, you should focus on evergreen content. That is, content that will remain relevant and useful to readers for an extended period of time.

Is easy to share


If you want to gain links to your content, you should make it easy for readers to share it. Many people will share content that they find useful and would easily recommend to their friends and colleagues. While most online marketers believe that simply adding social share buttons to their content will make it sharable, there’s more to it. You need to create content that the reader will want to share even if it will mean copying the content URL and sharing it. Some of the ways to create such content include:
  • Providing solutions to a problem. How to, guides and list type content provide solutions making them easy to share.
  • Focus on one specific topic. Content that focuses on one specific topic or thought is easier to share than that which focuses on general or scattered topics.
  • Is entertaining, controversial, critical and easy to read. People share content that they believe their friends will enjoy reading. Make sure that your content is easy to read and triggers an emotion within the reader.
Content and SEO usually go together. This however doesn’t mean that any type of content is great for SEO. If you need to boost your SEO efforts through content marketing, ensure that all copy within your site or blog has these features.

Sina, the author of the article is a professional search engine consultant working with a seo web design company oman. She is also handling web design, mobile app. and graphic design jobs.

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