Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Find an Affordable Freelance Web Designer in Cochin

freelance web designer Cochin

Website development is a team effort and finding a good and affordable web designer is crucial. It is a daunting task. While large organizations hire a professional web designer exclusive for their business it is not feasible for the small businesses that are still growing as they are expensive. Organizations can hire the services of freelance web designers in Cochin. They should select one who suits their business requirements.

Consider the following steps:
  • Browse their portfolios. Check the layout, logos and colours they have used. After all, a designer will put his best efforts in his own website to create a lasting impression. It will also give you an idea if their style matches your requirements. Look at some of their earlier works and check how the websites rank in the search engines. You can also check the reviews and comments about the website designs (created by the designers you have shortlisted) offered by the past customers.
  • SEO ranking is critical for every business. The designer has to create pages that will help the search engine spiders to crawl easily and index the pages. It is preferable to avoid web designers that use AJAX or Flash as they are not favourable for search engine rankings.
  • The web designers have to give you sample mockups of the site before finally constructing the website. Ask for a design of the logo also. Check if you have to get any permissions or licenses for any premium graphics or fonts that you use. You as the owner of the site have to obtain the permissions.
  • Generally, the web designers have their own network with web developers, internet marketers etc. You should sign up one contract so that both work simultaneously on your project. It will save you both time and money. You will not have to search for developers individually and remove the need to wait for them to complete the coding. It is more affordable and easier to budget.
  • Be clear in the contracts that you sign. Ensure you have the ownership of the website once you finish the financial obligations. Website building is not a one-time effort. It requires to be maintained and updated more so when it requires incorporation of third-party software or plug-ins.
  • When you are hiring a freelance web designer Cochin, you should sign a contract that will clearly define the project costs and what other costs you will have to budget for any revisions and changes that you may require in future.
    Being the owner you should decide your requirements. If your business requires a dynamic site, select a designer who is familiar with all types of CMS and can give you the best CMS choice.

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